Sunday, February 26, 2012


My boo left his dress shirts here (anything left in my closet is fair game, heh). So just glancing for something to wear, my curiosity piqued with what I would look like with his Burberry. I always imagined him wearing this shirt with khakis for a Hamptons look so I recreated my own (white bottoms are a must!). I've had these hand-me-down capris from my mom for ages so I'm glad I have a great top to pair it with. There's a beautiful floral detail on the waist I had wished the camera could capture but it was so bright outside. Burberry is one of my favorite brands for men's shirts, their classic and timeless coats, and most of all their beauty, especially with model Cara Delevingne. Just perfectly inspiring. Off track, sorry, anyway, I admire the check pattern but only when it's toned down like here and subtly noticeable. I put on my most gold jewelry to glam up and feminize the casual outfit. I wanted to wear this outfit for the whole day and night but knowing my clumsy self, something would've happened or dropped onto it  and I couldn't dare face my boo with that. As much as I love this boyfriend shirt on me, I still love it even more on my boyfriend.

shirt: Burberry (similar here)
inside bustier: Sway
pants: Guess (VERY similar here)
shoes: Zara
necklace: Forever 21(similar here, splurge here)
bracelet: ASOS



  1. You look adorable!Like the necklace!
    xoxo Sabrina

  2. those are fab shoes! such an easy yet chic look! great blog xx

  3. Love your style!

    Check out my blog
    I'd love it if we could follow each other :)

  4. That's such a great look ! Love how you put that bustier underneath, taking notes here :)

    I'm definately folowing you, mind checking out my blog ?

    Have a nice day !



  5. Looks great on you! My boyfriend has a similar shirt and refuses to share. Gotta find a way lol.

  6. you have such a beautiful style Stephanie! i loove those Zara heels so much! love how you paired them with white denim, tres chic :).

    <3, Kathleen.

  7. Pretty! Love your outfit and the lipstick totally looks hot! Love your shoes too! Zara has been a hit with shoes lately!!

  8. So cute, you look great in his shirt. Good call on not wearing it continuously though, I'm totally in the same clumsy boat.

  9. i like the tomboyish look. now following your blog.

  10. Oh my! I love your fashion style! This is a chic look, dear! :)

  11. Love this outfit! Especially the heels!

  12. Love this outfit!! I have had my eyes on those shoes for since they came out!!


    1. You should really go for them, they are so versatile and pretty! I put gel pads at the ball of my feet so it's really comfortable :)

  13. ooooh, really cute shoes! like how you put this outfit together

  14. nice summery look, and the red lips finishes of the look so well


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