February 1, 2013

varsity days

Hey guys, I'm letting you in on one of my favorite places in the whole world and surprisingly, it's in Irvine. I climb up to the top of this rock quite often just to take in the view of my locale because it clears my mind and reminds me of the beauty and awesomeness I'm surrounded with day to day. I discovered this place back in high school, so I naturally threw on this thrifted varsity jacket as a homage to those good ol' days.  This was the first time I actually took my sister with me, thus the existence of these pictures. Hopefully she'll be down for the climb more often because being on top of the city inspires me and honestly, I love the natural wind for my dress outfits. 

jacket: thrifted but I see now that its from UO
shirt: H&M (similar here)
dress: Zara (luv this
bag: thrifted
sunnies: Ray-Ban new wayfarer


  1. I just discovered you and the blog. I'm looking forward to digging through old posts. beautiful. Elizabeth // www.yourhighestself.com.au

  2. I wish there were some good high rocks around here. There are, actually, but they're all covered in concrete.

    I love this outfit - you pull of the I-just-stole-his-jacket look perfectly.


  3. love the varsity jacket! great photos! xx

  4. I love this whole look! I love the casual cool feel to it. Plus those shoes are killer.


  5. What a hidden treasure spot in OC! You look fabulous Steph! ;)

    XoXo, Kimberly