January 13, 2021

How to Staycation with a Toddler

As parents, our roles are inherently full of stress and disarray, but to parent through a pandemic surmounts to an unprecedented level of pressure that we all collectively feel. For some families who live in urban spaces with limited access to the safe outdoor play, it’s especially harder with cooped up children.

November 23, 2020

Designer Desires for Black Friday

    I perused the sales from my favorite online retailers like Farfetch, SSENSE, and Net-A-Porter to scope some designer pieces that I might add to my wardrobe. Sales can be so glitzy, thrilling, and urgent, but I've learned over so many years past that spontaneous shopping doesn't reap the most rewards. I took out my Notes app and wrote a checklist of items I've been wanting for the past few months, like basic tees but elevated, flats from St. Agni, and a showstopping dress for the day we can celebrate the end of the pandemic together. I treasure my purchases more when there's desire and quality from brands I love. Above is a roundup of pieces I thought were so elegant and timeless, that would be so worthy of a splurge at a discount.

November 20, 2020

The Heirloom Worthy Gift


    I’ll never forget my mother’s sapphire and diamond ring that she bought for herself when I was little. I think it was supposed to be an upgrade from her wedding ring or maybe it was a gift to herself just because (as any hardworking woman and mother should do). I vividly remember how striking the deep blue sapphires were, surrounding the brilliant diamond right in the center. I’m sure she bought it just around the time the movie Titanic came out, so all I thought about was my mom wearing the heart of the sea right on her hand. My mother was so in love with the ring and so proud of it. I remember her telling me how it would look beautiful on me one day. Some years later, my mother gifted it to my grandmother so she could wear it when she wanted and feel just as beautiful as well. But then, how dreadful it was for my grandma and my mom to lose the ring in a home robbery (though we could never be thankful enough that was all that was lost). The ring is something I think about from time to time and my mother makes a small comment of remembrance and grievance every few years. It is interesting how this ring that would have very well become an heirloom piece amongst the generations of women in my family is now an heirloom memory.