March 14, 2016

Spring LBD

My favorite LBD's of the season.

Sandro dress. Saint Laurent bag. Celiné heels.

I've been consistently editing my closet almost on a weekly basis, donating and selling old clothes to make room for the new. I'm at a confident point in my life where I truly trust in my style and ability to curate my next wardrobe collection on a higher level that will last a long and stylish life. Lately, I've been slowly building my LBD collection (because you can never have just one) and I wanted to put together a selected boutique of LBD's for every occasion (because the one for the Farmer's Market is different than the one for date night) I've come across in my favorite online stores. 


  1. This dress is gorgeous!! Love this look :)

  2. So pretty! Love