January 19, 2018

Winter Whites

When winter wear = a denim jacket 👍🏼

Winter whites are an easy go-to when there's no snow or slush to worry about. I remember wearing my white pants in New York for one Fashion Week season and by the end of the first hour of wearing them, there were splashes of dirt all over the back of my pant legs. Needless to say, that was so not chic.

It's a comfortable winter so far in LA, where only a medium coat with a sweater would suffice for the day. But, just a day before traveling, I discovered I'll be going to 30º weather in Atlanta for the weekend, and I'm woefully unprepared for this chill. Help. 
Jacket: Paige Denim
Top: vintage
Pants: Rachel Comey (similar ones from Everlane)
Earrings: vintage

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  1. Great jacket! x


  2. Oh my goodness, I wish it was this warm in Connecticut! I've also had the wardrobe malfunction with splotches of dirt on my white jeans... ugh, the worst. Happy to see someone else loves winter whites!

    xo Logan

    1. Haha the only downside of white in winter! As long as there isn't dirty snow :D

  3. Loving everything about this outfit! White is such a great colour for winter or summer, obsessed with it!

    Kelly Anne xx

    1. Thank you! White is seriously amazing all year long :) It's so easy!