September 1, 2011

raw cravings

Finally finally finally got my sushi fix from Taiko, my favorite and best sushi bar in Irvine. I'm blessed it is only 5 minutes from my house so I can get it right at noon when there is no wait. They have the freshest and tastiest fish that melt in your mouth with every delicate bite.  I always love sitting with Chef Ono-san because his eyes always smile and he reminds me of good ol' Charlie Brown. One plate I highly, praise to the gods about is the hamachi sashimi.

For those new to this place, you must sit at the sushi bar. Do not order from the dining room and do not order to go because different chefs prep the sushi for those two.

seafood salad

hamachi sashimi

spicy tuna roll - is it me or is the sushi flicking me off before I devour it?

unagi sushi

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