November 24, 2011

sugary treat

Happy Thanksgiving!
It's an early, blissful morning for all of us waking up to delicious aromas or sweet sounds of this holiday gathering.  It's a morning where we face our family and friends from near and far and to make sure your face is beautiful for many portraits to come throughout the day, here's my DIY recipe for a brown sugar face scrub that is sure to leave you glowing and fresh. Just be sure to grab these ingredients from the kitchen before Auntie uses them all for the trimmings.

brown sugar face scrub
3 tsp dark brown sugar
1.5 tsp of olive oil (or jojoba oil)
a few drops of vitamin E oil
0.5 tsp of honey
squeeze of lemon
*store in a small jar in a cool, dark place

Just mix all together in a small bowl. Every single ingredient is so beneficial to your skin in keeping it moisturized, clean, and glowing. Brown sugar is a natural alpha-hydroxy acid which is what will make you glow so beautifully after scrubbing. Honey is what keeps the brown sugar more clumpy for better application and is also a humectant which will draw and keep moisture in your skin. Olive oil has antioxidants, polyphenols, and vitamins A and E, and great moisturizing abilities without clogging your pores. The squeeze of lemon is to make the scrub feel and smell more refreshing and yummy.  At the end of scrubbing, you'll notice you practically rubbed the brown sugar into your skin. You'll feel a smooth layer on your face after rinsing, but a swipe of your face towel will help take some of it off. I promise you'll love the results and compliment after compliment will come from your relatives.

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