December 5, 2011

beauty of oil

Being undeniably loyal to Traders, these oils are a staple in my skincare. They're natural, super-beneficial, cheap, and plentiful. I can't be happier switching from my old makeup remover overloaded with synthetic chemicals to pure jojoba oil for removing my (waterproof) eye makeup. Soaking a cotton pad and pressing it on the eye for 2 seconds will remove any makeup and moisturize your eye in one step. It's also said to condition the lashes and induce growth; could be just me but I think my lashes are definitely more lush. And don't worry, jojoba oil is not an eye irritant nor is it allergenic. The vitamin E oil serves as the antioxidant base under my daily moisturizer. It's so helpful in erasing scars and brown spots on my skin because it speeds up skin cell regeneration. It's also such a powerful anti-aging topical oil because it promotes the production of collagen and elastin in your skin, thereby reducing and preventing age spots and wrinkles. And I vow to never get wrinkles!! Lastly I always spray a bit of lavender oil on my arms and neck after a shower or just before bed for a relaxing, pleasant linger of aromatherapy. It's one of my favorite fragrances that is always kept in the air in my room via candle or air freshener.

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  1. I love your beauty regimen. Mine always includes hot bath and aromatherapy oils. It's the best.