January 24, 2012

clarisonic mia review

So I've been meaning to rave about my new Clarisonic mia ever since I got it for Christmas. I know almost all of you know about the Clarisonic. I knew about it when it first came out, but the first one (the big one) was so expensive and I didn't know if it was just all hype. Like really, a brush for your face? I thought it was unnecessary. After a while I kinda forgot about it. Then my wonderful boo got it for me for Christmas because he knew I'm all about skincare and he was just as much surprised as I was that I didn't have this must-have item. Well I'm telling you now that I can't believe I've been missing out on this for the last few years! I'm almost kicking myself for not getting it sooner...yeah it's just a big electronic toothbrush for your face but it's a miracle for your skin. It feels like a a pampering massage. I use Philosophy Purity with it, which is highly recommended. I put a dime size amount on the brush and it lathers up a lot on my face, which I like.  After the first time using it, I could just tell my skin was glowing and felt a lot smoother. The best part was putting on my moisturizer. It soaked right in! It's a good thing because now I realize that before, my moisturizer was just sitting on my skin and it took about 5-7 minutes for it to sink in completely before I can really put on my makeup. Now it absorbs very quickly and I feel like it's working better in keeping me hydrated. Using the Clarisonic feels like it's rattling out the toxins and dirty stuff out of my skin. I use it every day and night and I can't imagine my skin without it. It can't go back!


  1. This stuff sounds amaze,I want it!

    Great blog am following

  2. Thank you for sharing, i was just looking some new for myself! :)

    Yes, great blog, following!


  3. I've been debating on getting one of these b/c I hadn't heard any reviews that I trusted, but now I totally want to get one :)

    ps - your nails look great!


  4. I bought a cheaper version of this, hoping it would do the same thing, and it DID! I am so in love, whoever invented this need to be kissed!


  5. I hadn't heard of it- just googled it and it is quite pricey isn't it? I'm sold on your description though. Maybe I will start saving. I enjoyed reading your post about your daily routine. I, like you, have troublesome skin and am currently using pro activ. I found it great at first, but I think it has totally dehydrated my skin. I'm thinking about copying the exact products you found to be good for your skin and hoping for the same results :) Your skin looks amazing.

    1. Yes it is definitely pricey but it is a good investment. If I had really known myself it was something this great for my skin I would be saving up for it to be one of my big purchases :) I'd rather have this than a bag >_< lol. I hope if you try the other product that they work for you too!! :)

  6. hehe getting distracted, loving your nail colours!! xo


  7. Awesome blog dear..i'm your newest follower now.

  8. I got one for Christmas too! I am in LOVE. It is the BEST face cleaner EVER! I use a Dermalogica product with mine. I can see a HUGE improvment in my skin. Thanks for stopping by my blog. BTW, You can get the clutch supplies online at Hobby Lobby! ;) Cheers!!