January 19, 2012

my skincare routine: jan 2012

For the last couple of months, I decided to slow down from using Avene and Glytone daily to two to three times a week. My skin had been behaving very well for the last two years, so I thought I would take care of it from a more sensitive skin approach. On my off days, I try to stick with basic, gentle stuff. I use Philosophy Purity cleanser with my awesome Clarisonic Mia (review later!).  After cleansing, I spray some Avene Thermal Spring Water because it restores the pH on my face and it's just a fun ritual. Then I rub a couple drops of pure vitamin E oil (I use Trader Joe's) all over and put a light moisturizer on top. Right now I'm using La Roche-Posay Toleriane cream. I found out it was a popular French line carried in those famously chic pharmacies in France (which I'm dying to visit one day) so I was thrilled to see this at CVS here. It's light, simple, and non-greasy, but quenching enough for my skin; I'm not looking to stray from this moisturizer any time soon. And the last, but most important step, is the sunscreen. Especially with continued use of glycolic acid and retinaldehyde, your skin is more sensitive to the sunlight so protect it! I currently use Avene Hydrance Optimale SPF 25 because, being the winter time, I needed something with more hydration. I use this in place of the La-Roche Posay cream during the day. In the summer, I tend to stick with a more mattifying sunscreen and one I really like is SkinCeuticals Sheer Physical SPF 50. It keeps off the oil slick while protecting your skin with a strong spf and zinc oxide component. Whenever I feel I need the extra step in caring for my skin, like before a special occasion, I use the brown sugar scrub. At night before getting into bed, I rub vaseline onto my eyelashes and eyebrows because I've read it actually helps with hair growth. I honestly have noticed a significant growth in my eyebrows and eyelashes since I've started...especially because I had a bald spot on my eyelid where I accidentally ripped some lashes out with a curler 8 years ago (yeah, ouch). Though it could also be due to the jojoba oil I use when taking off my eye makeup. I hope I'm just doubling the oomph!


  1. wonderful wonderful post! I am totally going to try the vaseline trick! You have such wonderful tips for face care!

  2. Great post! Your make-up/skin care collection looks very neat! I'd wish mine looked this way haha :) I also always put vaseline ontomy lashes. Vaseline is just great! xx

  3. oh i love my clarisonic and skinceuticals!!! i've read that castor oil is very good for eyelashes because it cleans the base and allows them to grow better. i used to mix it with my eye makeup remover but i prefer lancome's non natural stuff better lol :)

    1. Yeah i heard the same about castor oil too. Dunno why I never tried it :(


    2. Yeah I did hear about castor oil as well, but I never went out and bought it. Vaseline is always handy for many uses!

  4. I am going to try the vaseline for sure :)


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