January 16, 2012

skincare series

As much as I love detailing my wardrobe and shopping online every free minute I have, I'm still obsessed with one thing even more than my clothes: my skin. It's been an up and down battle the last 11 years and my finally victorious control over my skin comes from consumingly-studied strategies, a thousand trials, and perhaps a little wisdom and confidence with age.  My ideal of physical beauty stems from not what pretty clothes I put on, not how much or how little makeup I wear, but from how my skin presents itself to you and the rest of the world. It's the foundation to being and feeling naturally beautiful. As a teenager, nice clothes never made me feel better and makeup made me feel worse. Try painting on a dirtied, mud-clumped canvas. Even with the striking talent of an artist, you'd still notice the blemishes being covered up, hidden. So throughout the life I have lived, finding the control over my skin was my obsessive passion.

Over the next week, I want to share with you my methods of transforming my skin to its best and current regimens in maintaining it.  I hope you'll enjoy :)

I always like to include a picture with my post, but I don't really know which except for this random. I call this, love&hate. haha enjoy. 


  1. I can't hardly wait to learn some new tricks from you gorgeous!!

    PS. Following you too now. Come visit soon.

    <3 Marina

  2. I'm definitely looking forward to this!

    I have been yo-yoing between astringents, cream washers, exfoliators, you name it. I recently tried the oil cleansing method (that was horrid) and I just feel like it's a losing battle!

  3. love this idea! i'm always curious to see what beauty / skincare products other ladies are using! will definitely be back to see your upcoming posts. xx

  4. Looking forward to reading you upcoming posts!

    Jen x

  5. Lovely picture! And you are right, when you are a teenager is very difficult to be self-disciplined with the skin cares. Can't wait to know your methods! :)


  6. I really need skincare tips! So I'll definitely stay tuned!

  7. I can't wait to read this! I need major skin help!

  8. still struggling with mine, but it's beggining to behave!


  9. I can't wait to share! First post will come tomorrow, first day back at work today was bizzayyy <3

  10. your skin is beautiful!


  11. Love the photo.. aww<3 you're stunningly beautiful!