February 1, 2012

fight the charge

A sure sign of winter: super static hair. It's a guilty admission to say that I suffer from static hair daily - my hair is simply not moisturized enough to stand the dryness of the winter air and heat within the house. Every time I touch my hair, brush my hair, or even put on or take off my jacket, my strands fly like free birds and land all over my face and glossed lips. There's times when my baby hair would get staticy and stick to my forehead, looking like my bangs are balding. Yes, my worst hair days always happen in the winter. Well no more! I found this neat, cheap, and simple solution to take away the static charge that plagues my long hair: dryer sheets. They are anti-static, aren't they? So not only can you use them for your clothes, you can simply grab one and lightly rub over your flyaway hair and poof ** it's back to its original place. I keep a sheet in my desk, car, and purse. You can choose to get unscented dryer sheets for those who prefer no scent, but I personally like the baby fresh scent.

Now this is just a quick, temporary solution because ultimately, your hair will get static again. The long term solution is to keep your hair moisturized and cared for. I'd suggest using a deep hydrating mask such as Federic Fekkai's 3-Minute Mask. It's my favorite. After you shower you can also gently rub jojoba oil (Amazon or Trader Joe's) into your hair to provide extra hydration throughout the day and protect your cuticles before using hot tools. The point is to keep your cuticles lubricated and sealed, so that it acts as an insulator for When the cuticle is damaged, it encourages the exchange of electrical charges, making it more susceptible to static. So take care of your hair and remember to condition so that you don't look crazy.

Another random use for dryer sheets: to clean dead bugs off your car. Unbelievably effective >_<


  1. So glad someone else does this! :)


  2. Great tip! I like the fine print about cleaning bugs out of the car (lol). Great tips like this make everyday routines go a lot smoother...Thanks :)


  3. Great tip!!! I also need one for the static shock!!!

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