February 21, 2012

pretty pink pastel

I'm a sucker for pastels. I've waited a very, very long time for a perfect pretty pink blazer and passed up so many others. I practically lunged for this when I spotted it in Zara and luck must have been with me when it was the last xs. The material is lightweight, very comfortable, and a bit stretchy. The most important aspect is the fitted cut that's so prominently characteristic of all Zara blazers. I love that it's wearable to work because the color is still soft and not egregiously off-putting to more conservative professionals. You can slip this blazer on over darks or lights and instantly look brighter. I'm staring at the product page trying to hold back the temptation of checking out with the mint color...

blazer: Zara
blouse: Sway
pants: Zara (similar)
shoes: Zara
(my obsession is not that obvious, right?)


  1. This is such a wonderful look! So much Zara! Love!

  2. Love love love your Zara shoes! Seriously, I'm going to scour our local store to find them : )


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  3. I love Zara blazers! I have two and I love them to pieces. A mint colored blazer? Definitely need that in my life!

  4. Great outfit! Love pastels as well.


  5. really love your outfit posts, could you post more photos of each outfit? xx.

  6. Pretty! You look great in pastels! :)

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  7. really pretty girl!! love the look!!! just came across your blog, really like it a lot!! do drop by mine. wanna follow thru GFC if u like will follow back:))

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  8. Very nicely put together! chic!


  9. You look great! Pastels are everywhere this spring! I actually just a post on my favorite peach items today. Thanks for sharing this awesome outfit!

  10. I have been dying to get a new blazer and you have inspired me to head to my local Zara (fortunately there is one not too far away from where I work!) to pick one up! Not sure if I am brave enough to go pink, but I think this one looks great on you, and I agree, it is conservative enough to be acceptable at work, too!

    ~ Christina


  11. I was looking at those shoes at Zara and really wanted to get them. I love them on you so now I just might have to buy them :)


  12. Love this look!!!

    Great blog :]



  13. Zara model! ;) you look lovely in pastel