February 9, 2012

so chaud

Wearing my second favorite lipstick, MAC's "So Chaud" (chaud is French for "hot"). It's a matte, tomato-y orange. This color may look red, but compare it to "Ruby Woo" and you'll see the difference. "So Chaud" is much warmer, brighter, and more orange. I love to wear this color for the season because it goes so much cuter with my spring pastels and summer looks. If you want to partake in the coral/orange lip trend this season, "So Chaud" will be perfect for you, especially if you have tanned/yellow-toned skin. With a hint of red warmness in the color, it's fitting to wear without looking neon or washed out. It looks a bit glossy in the picture because I put it over my Rose salve. Without any balm, it's completely matte and smooth. With MAC matte lipsticks, the color always stays on and looks fresh throughout the day. I only have to touch up once. And I swear they put a cookie smell to their lipsticks! I think I love re-applying just to take a whiff of cookies. 

If you have fair skin or would rather try a lighter, subtle orange/coral, I highly suggest Bobbi Brown's "Guava" (Temptalia has a great photo swatch of it here). They have beautiful corals; I wish they worked for me, but they're more peachy pink, which is super cute, but washes me out. 

I took a picture near the window and natural light for you to see the color better. Then I noticed my brother walked in. I think he has a secret agenda. Look at his ready pose.


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  2. Your skin is so perfect. How? give me some tips! :)
    kisses! Lou.

  3. I love the colour! I was thinking about buying some lipstick like that... I will copy you!

  4. Definitly looks good on you!!


  5. Loving the lipstick!!!
    And your sweater is a gorgeous color!




  6. natural beauty!!!

  7. Your lips and your skin is so perfect!

  8. You look natural beauty , Love that lip color on you!