April 16, 2012

instagram mondays

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1. Late afternoon coffee at Bottega Louie
2. Bottega Louie and Porto's...may have over done it
3. in the rain for Urban Outfitters sample sale at Space 1520
4. umami truffle burger straight after sample sale battle
5. wearing new skirt from UO sample sale over my dress cuz it was damn cold..and more shopping at South Coast Plaza
6. Buys from sample sale ($5 each!). 1 pair boots, 3 sunnies, 2 skirts, 1 shorts, 1 wallet.
7. macaron stackin
8. deskside candy bowl
9. Sammie
10. lil bro playing with ALL of my rings
11. cutest. fluff. ever. no?
12. arm candy en route to Venice Beach
13. another sister sister adventure
14. watermelon rosemary lemonade at Lemonade
15. chillin under the sun on sunny sunday
16. nibbling on my pistachio macaron


  1. love these photos..and mmmmm those macaroon!<33
    Much love, Gabriele.xx

  2. Really like all the photos!


  3. I like the photos of the rings! Great shots all together though.

  4. wonderfull u are just 2 gorgeous

  5. always loove your instagram posts! adore your outfit, 5th photo down. eep and macarons! love it! k when you come back to berk, lets visit crepe vine, ici's, and a mini macaron trip lol. have a great start of your week girl!


  6. VERY nice pictures! :)

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  7. Oh these pictures are just blowing my mind! I could do with a little sunshine myself, It still snowed just last week here in Finland. :D And you look completely amazing!

    Kisses from Turku,

  8. i LOVE bottega louie and porto's!
    ahhh. sooo good.

    (i love sweets too. obviously)