August 29, 2012

a leather crush

This outfit is the embodiment of my ultimate, undying obsession with leather and tail skirts. Let me start with the ethereal and runway-worthy motion of this Lucca Couture skirt when you walk - it's just a bohemian dream. It totally encouraged me to strut even more down the aisles of MAGIC, no matter how tired my legs were from 3 days of nonstop standing and walking. The soaring skirt just thrilled me and gave my legs new life.  Now can we talk about this too-perfect-for-words soft leather top from Kahlo?! I have literally found my holy grail of fashion. I know, how can I hype a simple top like that? But I am standing by my hype. It was pure unlined leather, which honestly felt so amazing and light against the body and moved with me so easily. I have never fell in love with a piece of clothing until now and yes I know when it's love! It's when you can't let it go and you agonize when you have to. I just obsess over its perfect cut that can easily pair with high waisted anything or allow a midriff because the top just makes up for it. I have never been stopped by so many people asking who made this leather stunner. Sighs. Is it true that if it was meant to be it'll come back to you?

top: Kahlo
skirt: c/o Lucca Couture
shoes: Sway
friendship bracelet: c/o Gypsy Junkies
rings: Forever 21


  1. Wow, love this outfit, dear! You look like a professional stylist!
    Love the dress and the combination between leather and sheer materials is so creative!


  2. can definitely understand the hype cause that top is SUPER GORGEOUS!!! And the skirt is just as dreamy!! This is definitely one of my favorite looks from you so far <3 I'm obsessing over leather as well...:)

  3. very stylish .. I like the look!

  4. This. Looks. Amazing! I love the friendship bracelet <3

  5. Gorgeous! I love this look.


  6. wow beautiful look! i really love your top! you look gorgeous (:

  7. Everything about this outfit is amazing!!!

  8. You are so cute. I was talking to Rach and she told me she was staying with you in NY for fashion week. I'm planning on meeting her up so I guess we'll be meeting too! xo