September 25, 2012


During my time at Project tradeshow in Las Vegas a few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to stop by the booth of one of my favorite brands, IN MY AIR.  Launched in Spring 2012, IN MY AIR focuses on creating unique womenswear, blending elegance, sophistication, and fun into functionality and wearability.  I recently met up with the awesome, chill guys behind the brand, Kyle Awtry and Israel Valencia to learn a bit more about their brand and their latest Spring/Summer 2013 collection.

Who is the IN MY AIR girl? 
This girl likes to have fun and go out.  She like to eat well and take care of her body. She has this playful and ironic way to dress every day that shows her sensibility.

How did the name IN MY AIR come about? 
Creating a personal and sensible attachment to the brand for the consumer.

What inspired your most recent SS13 collection? 
The take on fitness daily essential staple fabrics transforming into an everyday all day, all night attire.

What can we expect from your SS13 collection? 
The nylon fabrics made into skirts and jackets.  Stretch Supplex easy to wear jerseys, dresses, and custom fabric knitted on old looms in Los Angeles to layer with.

What is your favorite piece from this collection? 
The leather triangle leather bra. (editor's note: It's amazing! Will post image ASAP.)

Where do you see your brand in 3 years? 
More busy and more FUN!!

Can you tell us anything exciting coming up for In My Air?
I can't really say but something that smells amazing!!

Check out my looks with IN MY AIR here, here, and here. Shop IN MY AIR and get free shipping until 9/28 with code: IMAGIRL

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