October 31, 2012

an ella moss anniversary

On a sunny Saturday this past weekend, I finally made it over to Fashion Island in Newport Beach to celebrate Ella Moss's one year boutique anniversary. I direly missed the open aired shopping center with its koi pond, Le Pain, and superbly designed stores. Ella Moss's gorgeously girly boutique was tucked into the center of the hub, drawing you in with its shiny chandeliers and delicate gold framed entry. I wish I had more pictures of the store itself, but you can see some pictures from their store opening here. During their anniversary bash, I had the luckiest chance to meet Pamella Protzel-Scott, the creative director and one of the founders of Ella Moss herself (Ella comes from her nickname!). She generously gave me a tour of the store and showed me some of her favorite pieces from the collection (all the dresses above), which was greatly inspired by - isn't it obvious? - the Great Gatsby! That alone sold me. Anything fringed, beaded, and 20s-inspired can't keep me away. I just had to try those dresses on and I had so much fun in their beautiful dressing room. I noticed there was so much attention to detail not only in the collection, but also in the presence of the boutique the clothes were housed in. The feathery accents of the dressing room walls were either of rhinestone or felt (or something fuzzy), so I couldn't stop touching the walls. Anyway, it was so hard to choose between the dresses, but I finally landed on the black beaded dress. It's something great for the holidays and easy to dress up or down. But now looking back on the photos, I'm dying to go back for the fringe and the dainty lace...

Tiara Beaded Dress
Marlowe Fringed Dress
Swiss Dot Dress (similar top here)


  1. you look lovely in every outfit:)


  2. Lovely dresses

  3. Pretty!Great photos, love that first dress!
    (\ /)
    ( . .)

  4. These are all absolutely gorgeous. I love the fringe.

    <3 Melissa

  5. These photos are beautiful and I absolutely love that first dress!