December 26, 2012

my holidays on instagram

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1. my friday face (wearing Kelly Wearstler cuff)
2. homemade dumplings
3. christmas ornaments
4. Kelly Wearstler Spring '13 jewelry
5. snowcat
6. saturday sustenance
7. simple accents: Tacori earrings, Maya Brenner necklace
8. my 'me' perfume (Tocca)
9. what I'd look like with a beard (wearing LAST NIGHT dress, Bella Dahl shirt)
10. wine for Christmas Eve
11. the freakem boots my mama gave me (Michael Kors, similar here)
12. Santa is real! He gave us a Laker victory!!
13.  simply perfect vintage bag from Nifty Thrifty
14. Christmas night out (wearing LAST NIGHT dress)
15. writing LAST NIGHT thank you cards while watching the awesomeness that is Kenya of RHOA


  1. Those homemade dumplings look AMAZING!

  2. DUMPLINGS!!! I WANT! lol. sorry, its morning and im hungry~ happy holidays!

    nice boots your mom got you btw.

    - sarah -