December 19, 2012

Salut Balthazar

Geez it's been forever plus a minute since I did a food post and damn I miss researching for them (by research I mean pig out). But I had no excuse to not gather food post info while I was in New York since half the point of the trip was indulging in its culinary mecca. For my best friend's birthday, it was a trip to NY and a night at Balthazar, an old-world vibe with very French, very delicious wine and sustenance. We had no boundaries. First plates you see are the lobster and black truffle risotto and a an assortment of cheese, naturally due to our mutual obsession. If I could go back, I would shamelessly order the lobster and black truffle risotto as an entree itself - it was mouth orgasmic to the last bite.  For the main dish, I can confidently say there's no steak better than French steak. Thus before you are two marvelous plates of steak and crispy frites. It's all in the sauce, people - the buttery, savory sauce (million times better than the typical A1).  Our experience there from the adorable waiter to the perfect taste of the red wine was the best way to end our vacation. Would I go back? I'd make this my go-to spot everytime. 


  1. The food looks so incredibly delicious,I'm getting hungry! xoxo

  2. this post just made me hungry -- and it's only 9:30 am! xo

  3. Those frites look so good!

    <3 Melissa