December 16, 2012

sunday funday: surreal

(images via FashionGoneRogue)

The beautiful doe-eyed Elle Fanning translates fashion into art, literally. The vivid, seemingly heedless strokes of color and the capture of movement in this editorial brings me back to what fashion really is for – fun. Have fun, mess around, color outside the lines. Happy holidays everyone! 


  1. It's really interesting. The first picture is useful to me to see how to draw fabrics better. It's just inspiring, like a world pop-ing into another. Fiction and reality, though fashion photography is already a fiction despite it seeming more real to viewers.

  2. I love Elle Fanning! These photos are giving me great ideas for a shoot! :)

  3. You MUST tell me to find those images on FashionGoneRouge! I want those for my wall at home like now!