January 2, 2013

instagram holidays part 2

1. wearing Madewell scarf
2. GNO at Perch
3. a piece of Grace 
4. Sammie
5. session at Drybar
6. late night ramen
7. soothing fish soup
8. Drybar blowout
9. NYE
10. prepregame at Bottega Louie
11. brunch feast at Le Pain
12. tea at Le Pain
13. Macho Salad at Banderas
14. late night ride
15. Sammie after a long day
16. one of the best presents ever: new LAST NIGHT signage
17. beauty at Rose Hills


  1. I always love your instagram posts :) Your hair looks so nice too (is that weird of me to say haha) :) Xx

  2. You seriously have the best hair and eyebrows ever.

  3. Rose Hills looks like a really beautiful place, haha.. either that or your have a good eye for photography :)
    happy new year! you look lovely.

    xoxo Sarah