February 25, 2013

instagram mondays

1. of course we play at WWDMAGIC tradeshow
2. had to stop by famous Lotus of Siam
3. girlios for night 2 Chanelle, Emily, Enocha
4. cheers at Jaleo's
5. my area code PIC Chanelle
6. 11am Veuve at Hudson Jeans
7. downtown Vegas
9. cop cruisin
10. wu tang and PIC
11. more PICmadness (and thats why she my travelin PIC)
12. more drinks (it's vegas remember)
13. endive goodness from Jaleo's
14. with Jenny and Chanelle at Bollare's 7th Anni (aka the walking dead crew straight from Vegas in the AM)
15. my comfort food - been craving for the last 3 weeks
16. the gentleman who makes me smile
17. a trip down messy halls
18. at OCMA
19. S is for ...
20. that close to Araabmuzik


  1. These photos are lovely! :) You must have such an amazing life, I feel like I'm always stalking you on instagram because I'm quite sure I liked all of your instagram photos! haha x Laura

  2. looks like you ladies have been having lots of fun :) those drinks look yummy!