February 13, 2013

my week on instagram

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1. blue for gloom 
2. that chick walking around with cat ears
3. fuzzz
4. Vanessa Bruno
5. Vanessa Bruno pop-up in NYC
6. hotel views
7. hanging with Kristen & Natalie
8. surviving Nemo
9. Brahmin at DBA
10. Karen Miller
11. be happy 
12. lobster bacon soup
13. Rebecca Minkoff after-party with Natalie & Kiara
14. snow-capped rooftops post Nemo
15. Juice Generation Acai bowl
16. with Mara Hoffman backstage, my fave
17. dessert time at Cafe Blossom
18. a midday beer at Cafe Habana
19. pampered at Soho House with Birchbox
20. never too early for bellinis with Birchbox
21. makeup by Lancome
22. taking in the sights for one last time
23. coming home to a cali roll burger at 26 Beach


  1. Lovely selection of Pictures. xx

    Claudia. xx

  2. cute photos! i like the tattoo :)
    also the picture of you in the back seat of a car with a hair bun is just classic~

    xoxo Sarah

  3. The 3 first pictures are adorable! I love your bag in the first, the blue scarf you're wearing in another, the more collagey photo of a dress and hands and other things, the view of the city and you thoughtful in 22. The kiwi, banana and seeds meal seems delicious. Wonder what seeds these were? It really seems like you were having a great time! (Yum food!)
    I also really like the last picture because of the focus and composition. I know it's just a burger photo (burger portrait?), but it really captures the atmosphere of the restaurant, I think, I could see myself there.