March 21, 2013

currently lusting for...

...these silver metallic oxfords from ASOS. I love the way metallics are adapting into cute Spring styles, giving adorable little oxfords like these a shiny twist. 

get it from ASOS


  1. they are soooo shinnyyyyyy. lol. i don't think i can pull these off, but i know you sure can!!

    xoxo Sarah
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  2. they're totally amazing.. *.*

    about 2 years ago i saw the same in "shape" but GOLD ones in Clarks..
    but price killed me xD

  3. Oh my.
    These babies are too amazing for me!
    I love the shininess paired with the sweet little oxford shape. Imagine all the adorable outfits you could put together with these...I'm seeing sweet circle skirts, lots of quirky socks, and definitely some very crisp whites.
    Seeing these oxfords is making me think back to an old pair of metallic shoes I had. It's really too bad that I donated them to charity once I outgrew them. I bet they could have come in handy, satisfying my latest urge for all things shiny and reflective :)

    Please tell me that you're getting these bad boys! That way, I can live vicariously through you! Heehee


  4. Those shoes are amazing! Droooool.

    <3 Melissa