March 28, 2013

heathered maxi

The 90's halter neck silhouette of this maxi dress instantly pulled me in like a girl seeing diamonds (more specifically, Cartier).  Yes, anything reminiscent of 90's decade of fashion excites me and automatically impels me to take out my cash and take that baby home. This maxi is perfect in that its 90s vibe is modernized with a cutout back and high slit that's so popular nowadays (side note: high slits are so 70's though - think Versace, Givenchy - which isn't exactly modern, but everything today is just a reinvention of the past). If you're still averse to high slits as some people are, I'd say you won't know until you try. Slits are an element of surprise in a look, without being overtly sexy or showy. Once you take a step in a slit dress or skirt, you'll feel the rush of confidence as the wind catches the garb in its full billowing glory. Plus it gives a prime presentation of your amazing shoes!

bag: Yves Saint Laurent [pre-Slimane]
shoes: Schutz
hair styled with ghd

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  1. What a gorgeous dress :O Perfect with those shoes.

    PS: I voted, good luck! :)

    Castle Fashion

  2. Wow, love the dramatic back and leg slit! Your body is rocking it!

  3. The dress is awesome. Best for voluptuous body type. :)

  4. wowsers! you look absolutely stunning! this summer i need to find myself a maxi dress.


  5. oh my god. First of all - these photos! That harsh light is so reminiscent of summer, and has me craving painfully hot summer days.

    You've captures such a beautiful time of day, and the harshness of the light plays so well against the softness of the dress.

    I just love the contrast between the high neck and the slightly more riskay back. It's the definition of elegance, and you are absolutely STUNNING and wearing it AMAZINGLY.

    this is one of my favorite posts of yours thus far, so I couldn't help but comment.


  6. oh my maxi this is a showstopper, im loving the juxtaposition of simple and surprising. and those shoes!! who what where when how? i need them this pair has it going on in all the right places. you look beautiful, happy easter weekend xo

  7. Love those SHOES!!!!

  8. Love the shoes and the dress. I love a dress with a great split, always surprises people when you start walking and they get to see a bit of leg.
    Ashley Udoh

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