March 5, 2013

joshua christensen

There's never been a time I've refused an opportunity to play dress up with designer pieces, even if it were menswear. And such is the case of these amaaazing Joshua Christensen jackets.  Get to know Joshua, a talented designer with focus on menswear (though I, for one, will raise my hand for a womenswear line please), whom you might have seen on Project Runway season 9.  It's clear he has an uncanny eye for unique detail and the ability to creatively combine luxurious textures, like [faux] fur and quilted leather, to make epic statement pieces. My personal favorite has to be the navy quilted jacket with fur paneling in the first two pictures, though it's impossible to disregard the incredible two-tone jacket that makes pimpin look easy. Currently patiently waiting for these to be made in women's sizes. 

dress: Alexander Wang


  1. I absolutely love these photos! They are fantastic! You're right those jackets are awesome, I would love to see them in women sizes too!


  2. Oh my goodness, the colors and textures in these pictures are so RICH! The quilting is causing me serious heart palpitations!

  3. These photos are absolutely gorgeous! Those jackets are so lovely on you! I would love to see a womenswear line too! :) x Laura

  4. You look amazing! I love these jackets as always, dear!

    High-Stitched Voice

  5. The coats are so beautiful! I really hope he does make a womenswear line; it would be perfect.


  6. omg, perfect outfit! and the photos are gorgeous. :)
    Emma xx