April 30, 2013

currently lusting for...

The Reformation Floral Fauna Dress

You may not yet know about my obsession with The Reformation, but just know that it's there. Check out this sustainable, eco-friendly brand that repurposes vintage and surplus materials to create killer chic clothes.  Their dresses are to die for and I can boldly say that their dresses perfectly speak my ideal style. I found an all black Fauna Dress from their sample sale last week (which you can see in my instagram post), that I fell head over heels in love with. The dress accentuates your curves in all the right places and makes you look and feel amazing with no work. True effortless design. On the UO site, I found this floral Fauna dress as part of their Reformed collection (sounds like an spin-off for a more affordable price point) and I bought my second Fauna instantly.  I say get yours and you will have no regrets, ever. 


  1. Woah * - * I actually might have to buy this.

    Do you know if they use dead stock fabric for their UO line as well?

    1. Hi Yasmeen! It's so gorgeous right? Trust me, the fit is amazing. The model doesn't do it justice. And that is a great question, after a bit of research it seems their UO line, Reformed by the Reformation, is not made with vintage dead stock fabric. However their recent new collection with UO's Urban Renewal IS made from vintage dead stock fabric (as clearly stated in the product descriptions) so there is also that affordable (relative to their normal price points) and sustainable line. My personal favorite from that collection is the Citrine Dress http://bit.ly/12medFu

  2. Lovely dress!
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  3. I saw Vanessa Hudgens wore this dress (or a dress very similar to this one) and I loved it!! Now I know where to get it...thank you !:D