April 16, 2013

desert oasis

This is one of the first Lulu*s outfits I wore poolside in our adorable and fun little desert oasis. I chose these Lavand pants for its bold, tropical floral print that look like it was pulled straight from a desert paradise and a cute little bandeau top with a unique, chiffon bow to bring out the reds in the floral print.  For my first time ever at Coachella, I picked a few of my Lulu*s looks inspired by a character - a free-spirited, bright, independent woman of the 60s. Expect lots of prints, vivid colors, and mod silhouettes over the next couple of days. I can't wait to show you the rest! 

top: Lulu*s (similar)
pants: Lavand from Lulu*s
heels: Kelsi Dagger from Lulu*s
bracelet: Lulu*s


  1. I was admittedly so jeals of y'alls pics from last weekend. Glad you had a great time.... the bottom pic here is my favorite!

  2. You look so lovely Stephanie! I loved all of your Coachella photos! I absolutely love your pants! x Laura


  3. These pants are amazing... the pattern I mean.
    I love the cut of the top.
    I want to swim in that pool.
    I want to swim in that pool! :o
    (or rather jump in the pool, multiple times.)

  4. beautiful outfit and pictures!


  5. Those Lavand Lulu*s pants are so cute! The bold floral pants look perfect with that top. Such a retro-chic look.


  6. HI dear! while blog hopping, I happened upon yours and I must say I love it! you have really really great style! and I love this post! I was wondering would you be interested in following each other via GFC and bloglovin? I always return the follow..leave me a comment and let me know

  7. you got it right with the 60's woman! I love it, and the picture filter puts a nice touch on them and gives it an old school vibe!

  8. Hi hi! I'm about to purchase these pants but am stuck on sizing.. What size did you purchase?
    P.S You nailed this look.