April 19, 2013

fierce feline

Raising my glass to the most amazing and fun swimsuit I've ever worn! It's not all that extravagant or frilly or fancy - it's just the sexy high leg cut, the cool lattice back, and the daring puma print that radiated a fun, fierce spirit. I took it to all levels of becoming a cat for my second day at Coachella because of this raging puma suit from the undoubtedly cool brand, Beach Riot. I have so many thanks to Lulu*s for introducing me to this swimwear brand based out of Newport Beach (yeah OC!).  People complimented this swimsuit all day, so Beach Riot is doing something totally right.

I wore it first thing in the morning as I dipped into the pool and laid out before the day's wild festivities. I pulled on some True Religion cutoffs before heading out and realized the puma suit acts as an awesome bodysuit that I'll definitely be rocking all summer. First stop was the True Religion x Flaunt Magazine brunch, which was intimate and set at a beautiful house in Palm Springs. Kyle and I fueled for the day on their amazing omelettes and mimosas and we headed out to the H&M party at the grandiose Merv Griffin Estate, complete with polo fields and a lake with paddleboating.  Props to Santigold for an electrifying performance with her two dancers in the seemingly 100 degree heat. I definitely had to take a couple heat breaks in the large atrium filled with lounge beds (not complaining). For our last stop, we decided to meet with my bestie Chanelle at the Rhonda party at the Saguaro, which was the perfectly wild end to the day.

Would I do Coachella again? YES. Was I tempted to go back for weekend 2? Hell yeah. But I already had the best time last weekend, so I'm content on the great memories made with friends. For those going to Coachella this weekend, HAVE A BLAST!

swimsuit: Beach Riot c/o of Lulu*s
bracelet: Lulu*s
shoes: Matiko c/o Lulu*s


  1. I'm so so so jealous of you going to coachella, i'm going to two festivals in England this year and i'm definitely going to take inspiration from this, i really want a pair of those cat ears. I'm also going away with my friends and have been looking for a cheap cool swimsuit a lot of theones i've seen are so expensive though, but i love ones with like graphic images on,
    love your blog
    I'd appreciate it if you could check out mine!

  2. That swimsuit is perfection. I love the detail on the back!

  3. Love your swimsuit...Fierce! I'm also in the OC... I would love to do a collabo photo shoot feature with you! contact me ;)