May 10, 2013

retro print

Thank you rain and cold for going away so I can actually dress up again. There's something about the cold that eliminates all styling prowess and assumes jeans and sweater are the way to go. I'm terrible at dressing for the cold; I have no idea how to layer or look remotely cute trying (thankfully there are plenty of ladies on the blogosphere for constant inspiration, see Kristen and Jenny). When you look back at my winter looks, I pretty much dress for a wishful warmer climate and pay for it dearly with chattering teeth. The sunshine and warmth are my element; I love sitting in the sun and feeling toasty at any moment, or even sitting in the car for a few minutes when it's all hot and oven-baked inside. Keep my room at 76 degrees and I'm in bliss.

I love this eccentric printed dress from Sway, one of my favorite brick-and-mortar boutiques I used to frequent weekly back in college. I pulled out my big, floppy hat to give the dress a more feminine, casual look that's ready for a garden party instead of a crazy music festival (been there, done that).  I also found my new favorite summer booties from Lulu*s - the long pointed toe adds extra retro chic. I've been wearing this dress often because it's so easy to throw on and not worry about the rest. The middle lace up adds enough detail to the look to make it interesting and the print is just summer-worthy.   What's one of your staple dresses?

dress: c/o Sway
bag: Stela 9 (similar here)
booties: c/o Lulu*s
hat: Ruche (similar here)
bracelet: c/o Lulu*s
necklace: Chloe + Isabel (love this here)


  1. I feel the same way about winter fashion! it's definitely a lot harder to dress cute when you're piled up with layers ^^;

    love this look. you look music festival ready!

  2. Amazing dress!

    X Willemijn Sofie

  3. Loveee this look! The hat is perfection.

    Emily Jenny
    Stiletto Beats

  4. That dress looks so great on you! I love the geometric cut out around your waist! Just amazing! :)

  5. This dress is sooo gorgeous!

  6. You look lovely in this dress! I would love to have it myself haha! :) x Laura

  7. adorable! love the dress with the cute little purse and hat! i love a unique touch to an outfit :)


  8. I love the dress and the hat!!

    Remember to check out my cover of Fashion meets Nature

  9. Me too, I love warmer weather and fortunately live in Miami :) I get so ... 'stiff' in the cold so I know what you mean.
    Your dress is gorgeous and following the link they have a bunch of other cute dresses too, nice. Thanks, and thanks for stopping by :)
    You look beautiful and very boho ( I love boho ) great style.

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  10. I suck at dressing for the colder months as well. Other bloggers make layering look so easy and I try and instantly look like I've gained 20 pounds. Anyway, loving this look, especially with the floppy hat.