August 14, 2013

Yon-Ka Giveaway

Stephanie Liu of Honey & Silk talks about French skincare label, Yon-Ka. Enter the Yon-Ka giveaway!

If you're following me on Twitter or Instagram, you'll notice that I'm revving it in the beginning stages of an entire lifestyle change. I've been very active in eating healthily, leaning towards an all-vegan diet, gluten-free and sugar-free (natural sugars ok) with the exception of wild fish from time to time. It's been about a week and a half and I feel amazing and it's really inspired me to find therapy in cooking and whipping up new and fun vegan recipes. Everything has been tasting great! I'm very eager to share some of my newfound, simple recipes on the blog so watch out for those :) 

All in all, I'm really watching what I put into my body and onto it. So I'm trying to completely cut out unnecessary chemical or synthetic ingredients in my skincare, nail polish, and hair care. One step at a time as sometimes a girl can't let go of her manicures, but it's a rewarding process to discover brands that value well-being. One of these brands is Yon-Ka, a skincare brand I've mentioned previously in my routine. Their products are all natural-based, with ingredients you'll recognize (side note: I've become an absolute ingredient label fiend) and their pretty packaging just adds a bit of French chic to your countertop. Pictured above are some of my favorite products to use, including the Yon-Ka serum, which is a concentrated blend of revitalizing and hydrating oils with Vitamin E as an antioxidant (a nice little upgrade from my Trader Joe's Vitamin E oil). I use Lotion Yon-Ka everyday after cleansing as a refreshing toner and base for my skincare applications. And you must try the Pamplemousse - it leaves your skin unbelievably soft to the point where you have you restrain your hands from constantly touching your face. I use that as my daily lotion. 

So to really get you excited for the brand, I've partnered with Yon-Ka to give you a chance to try them out! Yon-Ka loves you guys and they're going to give away one of your #YonKaFave products. AND you have two chances to win as both Yon-Ka and I will pick one winner each. Super easy to enter, just follow both of us on Twitter and tweet us your potential #YonKaFave product. Giveaway ends Wed Aug 21st. Good luck everyone and thanks for entering!

**Be sure to check out and pick out your favorite product and replace the words [ENTER YOUR PICK] when you tweet about the giveaway!**


  1. great products!

  2. I love YonKa's Netoyant Creme ultra gentle face cleanser. I have dry mature skin. This works great for me. I also love Yonka's Advanced Optimizer Serum. It works great to firm my face which it really needs.

  3. I love the Advanced Optimizer Serum and the Grommage Exfoliator. =)