September 8, 2013

stealing from the boys

L-R: Paul Smith beanie. M.Nii tank. Shipley & Halmos shirt. M.Nii striped shirt. Golden Bear jacket. Rag & Bone wallet.

The first time I've ever crossed over to menswear was when I bought my Acne credit card holder not so long ago. Girls need efficiency sometimes too so I find it amusing how certain things like a credit card wallet is so gender-divided and exclusively found in men's sections, always. That hunt had opened my eyes to the other side of the fence, where lays a vast new territory of unexplored goods that we ladies are just missing out on. There's not a more organic way in experimenting with the boyfriend look than actually shopping where your boyfriend shops. On occasion I take to menswear sites like East Dane (Shopbop's newest male counterpart) to find these key pieces that can always work for us:

T-shirts or tank tops - I usually find that men's tees have way cooler graphics and prints that I'd love to sport if I can find an XS or S. They usually look fine on their own, but to give it a more feminine touch, I'd either tie a little corner knot or straight cut and crop and roll the sleeves. 

Button-up shirts - way easy to wear and I'm sure most of us has at one point literally stolen our man's shirt off his back to strut around in. Nothing like rolling up the sleeves (*key fix) and leaving a couple buttons unbuttoned to make it work. 

Hats and beanies - these really should be gender-neutral always, it's hard to really say one design is too manly for a woman. Sure maybe some of you don't don baseball caps, but there are plenty of beautifully constructed wool hats that would honestly look so much better with our shiny hair.  

Jackets - truthfully, I love the warmth and comfort that I get from oversized men's jackets; the big shoulders and looser arms emanate the kind of cozy we envelope ourselves in with our honeys. From a visual standpoint, the relaxed construction creates a dramatic contrast that flatters your frame when paired with something fitting, like skinny jeans or a pretty dress. Varsity jackets are my favorite kind to hunt for in men's stores, because nothing beats the "varsity jacket from the popular guy in school" fit.

So if you're ever feeling like you can't find anything cute today, meander over to the men's section and maybe that luck will change!

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