October 12, 2013

Club Tacori

Just so you know, Tacori knows how to party!

RVN dress c/o. Tacori jewelry. Gucci purse.

Fun enough to make me miss my last train of the night back to OC
and commence the train of shame the next morning.

Tacori's annual "Club Tacori" event is always a dazzling, star-studded affair. Everyone's dressed to the nines and dripping in shiny things and it's quite naturally a girly girl's kind of party. I had so much fun making gifs (here, here) with my boo and blogger boo Jenny and catching up with my ladies Sheryl and Sydney that I completely lost track of time, but I wasn't mad at that. 

If I was going to be in the same room with Christina Hendricks, I knew I had to spruce myself up a little more than usual. I've really been into the fresh, minimal face lately (I've started skipping mascara during the day!), partly because I'm inspired by the looks of Spring 2014 RTW, mostly because I've gotten lazier. I found out that a favorite skincare brand of mine, Arcona, prepared the luminous face of Morena Baccarin at this year's Emmy's and her dewy skin was exactly what I wanted for Tacori's red carpet. So to recreate her fresh look, I started with cleansing my face with Arcona Triad Pads, which are soft cotton pads soaked in invigorating cranberry toner that leaves your skin super clean and refreshed. The natural berry scent is also a nice, addicting touch; I swear by this stuff! Next, I evenly applied Magic White Ice, a deep moisturizing gel for my dry skin, and gently patted drops of Eye Dew around my eyes. Then I finished with a thin layer of Desert Mist, a unique protectant serum that really brings on the glow and finishes your skin with a smooth feel. I was ecstatic at how a few simple products could make my skin look a million times better in just a few minutes. But that's just why I love Arcona.

I did a repeat in my RVN dress because it's such a unique and flattering dress that deserves the spotlight a hundred times over. The black and white was paired with flashes of Tacori green, the emerald kind of green that I have been recently obsessed with and contemptibly lack in my wardrobe. Crossing my fingers that there will be a big emerald green sale at the end of the year when Pantone announces their next color of the year. 


  1. Nice opening event! You look beautiful c; Xx

    1. Thank you! It was a fun preview for their Holiday/Spring collection :)

  2. The products are working, your skin looks flawless! Looks like such a great event!

    -Jacqui, BurgundyWhispers.com

  3. You look amazing! Your skin looks so good!! Flawless!

  4. So great seeing you! You looked gorgeous!

  5. Your outfit looks so elegant. I love the Tacori jewelry as well.