December 11, 2013

Winter Dressing

 (1st look) Gypsy05 dress. Madewell belt. Gorjana necklace (30% off!). Urban Outfitters bag. Dolce Vita boots (similar here).
(2nd look) Gypsy05 dress. Theory cardigan. Gucci purse. Urban Outfitters tights. Jeffrey Campbell boots.

No matter how cold it gets, my affinity towards dresses never wanes. Everyday I naturally turn to my dress rack for something to wear for the day, but as I prepare myself for the hard, icy winds that's about to pierce my face, hands, and feet, I always have to think twice about my outfit of choice. And yeah yeah, I'm in SoCal, cold ain't even cold. Even though I grew up in North Carolina, I'm never used to the chill, and I get cold too easily. 

So I always have a trusty pair of tights each winter that I'm in all day, everyday. They're my dresses' best friend, the milk to their cookies, the jelly to their bread. I found the best kind over at Urban Outfitters - fleece-lined tights. These warm babies have lasted me through a New York snowstorm and back and I have a full storage of new ones for future replacements. Warm, sheer, polka-dotted, whatever kind of tights that fit your bill, they'll keep your dresses on rotation all year round.  

Here I am, wearing a dress from one of my favorites, Gypsy05, two different ways on probably the iciest day of 2013 in SoCal. I love simple, soft jersey dresses because they're so versatile for day and night. A simple knot at the hem can transform this maxi dress into a cute, long sleeve mini dress (and we all know how much I love those). But let's not forget, this wouldn't be possible without a good pair of tights ;)

My friends over at Gypsy05 want to show their love for you guys, so they're offering you 15% off any order on their website! Just enter code HONEYNSILK at checkout. Offer ends January 18th. If you haven't already, try on a Gypsy05 dress and you'll just keep wanting more! Your closet will thank you.


  1. You look amazing, awesome photos! xx

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  2. Loving this look from you :)

    1. Thank you :) It's always a fun challenge to come up with multiple ways to wear one thing!

  3. Oh my goodness, you have the most gorgeous hair. I'm so envious! And you paired it with a fabulous look - your dress, your bag, your booties... yep, suffice it to say I love everything about this :)

  4. thank you! Gypsy05 is always my favorite :)

  5. Hey Stephanie! I can't believe that you grew up in NC and moved to SoCal too! I grew up in Hickory, near Charlotte. Anyways, I love this look and hopefully you'll be getting the thank you note in the mail!

  6. I don't think you'll regret ordering from the designer. For me, it was a very smart decision and I am so happy that I did it. Weddings are expensive enough!