February 21, 2014

James Jeans Giveaway

 James Jeans denim. Motel crop top. CRAP sunglasses. Natalia Benson ring. Pink and Pepper shoes.

High waisted jeans are really the only jeans I do.

Remember when low cut jeans were all the provocative rage and it was the only style to wear during the Britney era? Tires and whale tails suddenly became it-trends. It's something I'm glad that is staying in the past while we live today in a time of denim democracy.

Coziness is my top quality when keeping a pair of jeans and I'm happy to have found James Jeans perfectly fitting the bill. Their popular Twiggy fit (I'm wearing the one in Palisades) is the ultimate skinny staple with a moderate-to-high rise that sits comfortably above the hips a bit and hugs your legs just right. You can never have too many of these in your jean drawer (read: one in every color please!). And one in every single of their Spring collection would be amazing additions: see pinstripes, pastels, and pretty soft washes. 

You must definitely try them for yourselves and one of you can now because we're giving some James Jeans away! Enter below to win your very own pair and a winner will be picked on March 1st. Good luck and thanks for entering!!


  1. love love love this outfit! you look so pretty :)


  2. i could never pull off a crop top like that - you look great! fingers crossed i win! :)

  3. I just looked at all the new releases, omg I'm in love! I'd probably pick the hunter flat stingray but some of the shorts and khakis were so cute too!

  4. So Rihanna style)


  5. My favorite pair hands down is the James Twiggy Flip Side style. Pure awesomeness.