February 9, 2014

ThirdLove Giveaway

ThirdLove lingerie

This beautiful, charming lace lingerie set was personalized just the way I like it. And it was done from the comfort of my own home and phone.

Here's this waaay cool smartphone app called ThirdLove that becomes your personal bra fitter by way of two easy selfies. They strive for the perfect fit with their unique computer vision technology and extended offering of half-sizes and in no time, you receive gorgeous, seamlessly customized lingerie right at your doorstep. Their easy-to-use app is an addicting shopping experience, because you can play around with tailoring the details of their elegant, designer-like bras. With their native app, ThirdLove has taken smartphone and lingerie shopping to another level of convenience and ingenuity. Honest to heaven, this lacy balconet bra and their mesh plunge bra are the most comfortable I own; I loved being able to choose teal straps to match the ivory lace for a fun and different color combination. Their stuff is worth stocking up on! 

To celebrate Valentine's Day, ThirdLove is giving you a chance to win your own customized bra and panty of choice! Just enter below and a winner will be chosen on Monday Feb. 16th. Good luck and thanks for entering!

Also if you can't wait, you can get 20% off your first purchase at ThirdLove with code HONEY20 ;) 


  1. Approve. Highly.
    <3 Boo

  2. Gorgeous set, love the lace. I've never heard of this company, thank you for the review. How handy to have an app for bra fitting...I always feel very self conscious to go into the store for that. I will check them out.

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  4. Love the Lace Balconet! So glad I came across this on Pinterest <3