March 17, 2014

Coach x SheFinds

First look: Line & Dot coat. Chaser shirt. James Jeans pants. Samantha Wills bangles. Coach Lexey heels.
Second look: LAST NIGHT dress. Chloe & Isabel earrings. Coach Lexey heels.

Just looking at that coat makes me even hotter in this 90ยบ weather we're having, but nonetheless the few times I got to wear it during our winter was sweet. I partnered with SheFinds and Coach to bring you a Winter and Spring look styled around these beautiful, metallic Lexey heels from Coach's new Spring collection, just in time for these limboing hot and cool days. 

Check out my tips on styling these versatile Coach heels in the full feature on SheFinds here!


  1. Your heels <3

  2. that dress is so adorable on you!

  3. The heels are beautiful!

  4. Do these sandals run true to size, large, or small? I cannot find any reviews on them online. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

    1. They run true to size! And they are fairly comfortable :)