April 30, 2014

Best of the Beauty Aisle

We are well into Spring and I'm constantly in a cleaning fervor, going through my closet once every two weeks filtering things I don't need and carefully adding in thrilling new investment pieces. But it's not only my wardrobe that's getting an overhaul, I'm updating my beauty routine as well. 

I teamed up with StyleList and P&G to try out some of their most popular products from the beauty aisle and pick my new season favorites. I'm reviewing some body basics that are life-long necessities, so finding the best will make our mornings so much easier. Out of P&G's beloved razors, deodorants, and toothpaste, here are the winners:

The 5-blade Venus Embrace (also reviewed in the category) is the only razor I've used since I started shaving. It's been good to me and my legs for years and I can't think of anything better, but apparently P&G has. They've upgraded the Gillette Venus with real Olay moisture bars that immediately moisturize the skin while shaving close. It's made shaving an incredibly, effortless task without having to use shaving cream and I can never go back! Shaving actually feels like a luxury now. 

I hate sweating. DESPISE. Even though I don't sweat more than usual, I prefer using a clinical strength antiperspirant to stay dry always and this is what I love about Secret Clinical Strength Light and Fresh. The scent really is light and fresh, just the way I like it, so it doesn't mix with my perfume and it does its job beautifully. 

As an avid tea drinker, I have to be more keen in taking care of my teeth and getting rid of and preventing pesky tea stains. That's why these super affordable whitestrips are my best friend. I use one box once a year in conjunction with using Crest 3D White Luxe Glamorous toothpaste daily to keep my teeth shining and clean. These whitestrips are so easy and painless to use - you can talk and drink with them in and you won't even notice they're there. Try them and just after one week, you'll see results!

Sometimes we stick to the same basics forever and we overlook these products because of how stuck they are in our daily routines. But just a simple upgrade in our beauty routine, like a wardrobe revival, can improve our days significantly. And I love that these little upgrades above are easy, affordable, and found just in your drugstore beauty aisle!

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