April 10, 2014

O'Neill x Coachella

It is finally time for my getaway in the desert, which has been a loooong time coming, and I'm SO excited! As I'm scurrying to pack for Coachella literally this second, I'm picking out a few of my favorite pieces from O'Neill I'm definitely bringing with me for the weekend. 

Stocking up on bikinis is a must for the numerous pool parties waiting to happen and I can't wait to wear this super cute textured white and peach bikini with the mint sweater as a fuzzy cover-up. But when I'm not lounging by the pool, I'm planning on wearing this beautiful, flowy maxi dress with the perfect festival print out and about Downtown Palm Springs. And of course a summer backpack is so necessary because partying hands-free is the way to go.

I'm so stoked to be covering some major parties with great headliners this weekend and I'm bringing O'Neill with me all day on Saturday. Tune in and follow me on Instagram at @honeynsilk and @oneillwomens and our hashtag #oneillxcoachella and peek into the behind-the-scenes Coachella life! I'll see you in the desert!


  1. "Behind the scenes" of Coachella is not like that for most people! The masses at Coachella spend most of their time in the scorching heat, not lounging by the pool. They are gross and grungy from camping outside and sweating all day. I understand the allure of glamourous parties, beautiful fashion, and partying, but for a lot of people (me included), Coachella is about the music. Don't get me wrong, I'm excited to wear some fun new dresses and enjoy the beautiful scenery, but I don't want people to forget that the reason you go to Coachella is to hear amazing music. I hope you get a chance to check out some great bands/artists in between your parties and events! This will be my third year at Coachella. Have fun!

    1. Hi Rebecca! There are a lot of awesome headliners and artists performing outside of Coachella at these various parties, lounges, and such, so no party is held in vain of the Coachella spirit. I think these are great alternative options to those who aren't able to make it to Coachella as well because of sold out tickets. It's my second year :) I hope you have a great time!!

    2. Awesome, very cool you get to see some bands up close and personal!

  2. Lovely dress dear! Have a blast there ;)

    xo Jenny

  3. Love that dress! Wicked jealous have fun and look forward to the report. :)

  4. Coachella seems so exciting! I wish I could go there at least once in my life haha. Have fun! :)