May 16, 2014

Paige Shortalls

When it's a steady, sweltering 100ยบ and my brain is starting to cook, I can't bother with anything other than a skimpy tank and the shortest shorts - but that's only behind my closed doors. 

Paige Denim shortall. Margaret O'Leary shirt. Graf and Lantz bag. Nixon watch. Messeca shoes (on sale!).

Seeing that I had somewhere [exciting] to go to yesterday at the day's most primal peak of heat, I put on these Paige shortalls as a sneaky midriff cover-up while still being able to let my skin breathe. 

I surprisingly made it to downtown LA just in time for my dinner double date with Tommy and our boos, after a chaotic hour of waiting for conflicting cancelled or delayed trains due to the unfortunate brush fires in San Diego and Camarillo. The sun was so unforgiving yesterday, but it's nothing when you have a chilled glass of champagne, toasting with dear friends over delicious pasta! 


  1. Woah, Jenny from Tsangtastic just posted this bag also! I've been looking for the perfect tote bag and this is a sign that this is the one!


  2. Perfect outfit:)) x

  3. Fantastic outfits as always <33