May 24, 2014

Style 2020 Recap

 wearing A.L.C. dress

A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of attending Style 2020's "How Do You Define Style?" forum in Newport Beach (I love events close to home!). It was such a fabulous affair at the Island Hotel, where I got to meet many lovely ladies in fashion and see some familiar pretty faces. We started the event with a bit of mingling over champagne and had a chance to learn about some brand sponsors such as Gloss Moderne hair care and Black Starr & Frost. We were then treated to a yummy luncheon while the conversations between fashion and beauty experts from Sephora/L'Oreal and Style 2020 took place. They covered everything from Spring trends, how to accessorize, dressing for your body type, maintaining a positive attitude, to exuding positivity through your style.

Check out this fun video montage featuring clips from the Style 2020 event and from some lovely ladies sharing how they define style, including moi!

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  1. Love your white maxi skirt look....gorgeous!