May 28, 2014


When the sun is this good to you in LA, you share this with your friends.

Luxe by Lisa Vogel swimsuit via Swimspot. Warby Parker sunglasses.

Two weekends ago, my best friends from the Bay Area visited me for our friend's graduation and frankly for an overdue weekend of nonstop adventure. These pictures are suffice to say that stopping by the Instabrand pool party in the Hollywood hills was adventurous enough. Struggling to stay on floats, chatting with the mermaid, competing with a hula hoop, and dancing with a view are just some of the memorable takeaways. Also glad I had a glamorous excuse to take out my new, red hot Luxe by Lisa Vogel one-piece for my Sunday best.


  1. amazing impressions, looks like such a fun time!


  2. This looks like it was such a fun time! And I just about blurted, "OMG mermaids are real!" when I spotted her; the tail looks uber detailed, haha!

    Rêveuse | Fashion + Music

  3. amazing photos!

  4. Love the shoes on the 9th pic! Where are they from?
    thanks <3

  5. The swimsuit looks amazing on you! So I always get one-pieces...but it's always a struggle to find one that it cute, and it looks like this might be the bet. I'm always a bit apprehensive to order online b/c I can't try the suit on to see how well it fits. You look FANTASTIC in it though!!! Feel free not to answer, but I was wondering what bra size you were. I'm a 32C and honestly, I feel like I might not entirely fill out the you think it would still look good?

    1. Hi Vanessa! This suit is really AMAZING. Once you put it on you feel like a babe from Baywatch - the cut is super flattering and honestly tucks you in in all the right places. I'm a 34C - the swimsuit is very fitted so practically any size will fill it out haha. For reference, I bought a size 2 (my waist is 24" and hip is 34"). Hope this helps!

    2. Thank you soooo much! Yea, you look absolutely GORGEOUS in the suit. (: I think you just convinced me haha.