June 2, 2014

Bottlerock Napa with Three Dots

What an adventurous day in Napa Valley! This was one of the first times I've ever hung out in a music festival the entire day - I'm talking 12 full hours in the warm sun (which helped me get an incredible tan!). And Kyle and I were so ready...we woke up bright and early and made some delicious waffles at our airbnb, packed our backpacks with water, sunscreen, advil, and a picnic blanket, and got on the road to see our first artist on the schedule. 

Wearing Three Dots dress. Kelsi Dagger shoes. Kelsi Dagger bag. La Mer watch.

To survive a whole day in the fields, I wore this beautiful and comfortable Three Dots maxi dress from their newest summer collection, so I can feel pretty without having to break a sweat. The unique, knot details in the front and back help elevate this dress from simple to chic; it's an essential, stand-out piece without much to it. And that's why I love Three Dots so much - their pieces are so easy to wear and are innovative in their details so even your basics are not so basic. 

We drove out to downtown Napa and as we shuttled from the abandoned industrial parking lot to the festival grounds, my excitement level skyrocketed! Let's start with the layout - it was surprisingly not as crowded as I expected it to be! Although people filtered in more in the late afternoon, it was still breathable and easy to move around. The stages were easy to find  and the fabulous wine vendors lined the stage arena with shaded lounges and plenty of wine offerings. Whole Foods sponsored an entire "garden" of gourmet food vendors that offered the likes of paella, oven-baked fried chicken, fresh sushi, and so much more. My eyes were way hungrier than my stomach, so I ordered a bunch of everything just to try it! When in Napa, right? Kyle and I are huge fans of Layer Cake wines, so we perched in their booth for quite some time, sipping delicious Pinots and Chardonnays. 

If you didn't already know, Bottlerock Festival is heavily focused on 90s bands and artists. It was so amazing hearing some of our favorite throwback bands come alive on stage, with songs I knew every word to since the 4th grade. Weezer and Outkast killed their performances and delivered ALL their hits. I got onto Kyle's shoulders for Outkast's "Gasoline Dreams" for a better view - it was the first time I've ever done that and it was so much fun! The pics I took on his shoulders didn't come out as great as I thought it would, but the sight in my memory was perfect. After a bangin 2-hour set by Outkast, we ran for the shuttles and slept so soundly. 

Thanks for following my day at Bottlerock Music Festival here on the blog and on Instagram! I can't wait for another adventure like this one. And if you're thinking about it, I highly suggest trying this festival out next year! It's way cool and way calmer than the likes of Coachella. Stay tuned as this week, I'll be posting more of my journey to Napa and back :)

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