July 2, 2014

The Villa

This utopia of beauty and history exists just 30 minutes outside of Los Angeles.

O'Neill dress. Jeffrey Campbell shoes. Kelsi Dagger bag. La Mer watch. Samantha Wills necklaces.

Kyle surprised me with a beautiful, adventure-filled weekender in Malibu for my quarter-century birthday (he's the best!). I love exploring places close to home, so this was a perfect treat. The last destination of our trip, the Getty Villa, has been on my bucket list for years and as we were driving down the PCH, it was something I outspokenly marveled at to Kyle in the driver's seat. Not 2 minutes later, we were driving through the gates of the property because of course, Kyle knew me best - it was already on the surprise itinerary!

The Getty Villa is a comprehensive and extravagant rendition of a specific first-century Roman country house, the Villa dei Papiri. Roman and Greek history, culture, and architecture has been a huge interest of mine ever since I read a captivating book on Troy when I was young - I took Latin in high school, studied the mythology, and read the epic poems. If I'm a nerd for anything, this is it! I was ecstatic strolling the lush tranquil gardens and viewing prized art in the villa. On the garden tour, we felt Lamb's Ear for the first time (aka the softest, furry plant ever) and smelled amazingly fresh rosemary for 'clarity of mind'. And the ocean views with the villa on the hilltop are priceless. It was such an enjoyable couple hours leisurely experiencing the luxury of living in a Roman villa. With it being so close to LA, this won't be my last visit.

P.S. this may be the last time you see me with my long hair ;)


  1. what a gorgeous location so near to Los Angeles ! it looks like a perfect escape
    Lauren x
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  2. nice look ; -)

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  3. lovely!! that dress is so cute and beachy

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