August 14, 2014

Almost There

Birkenstocks and Vans are my daily sole saviors. And I don't know why I can't wear jeans without belting it. But like sands through an hourglass, so goes the days of my life. 

Missguided top. Paige jeans. Vans shoes.

Only a couple of days left before a whirlwind of traveling goes from paper to reality and as thrilled as I am for what's going to be a most memorable experience, I'll admit I'm equally daunted by endless days and 4-hour nights - I'm doubling the vitamin C and green tea this month, because there's no way I'll let a cold or exhaustion interfere with my bucket list. Briiing. it. on.


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! Clean is what I go for when I want to be lazy :P

  2. Steph, I love your outfit! The Vans especially are super comfy looking :D

  3. In love with this simple yet chic outfit! I love your slip on!