August 31, 2014

Athleta IndiGO!

It doesn't hurt to look cute when you're breaking a sweat. Or when you're cozy on your couch on Netflix night.

I appreciate style in every aspect of my life and in the realm of fitness, style is what motivates me to get off my butt. There's no other excuse to be seen wearing this cute sports bra from Athleta and I can't live a lie. So yes, the bra is what inspires me to get to my squats and jog around the neighborhood. But then again, put me in a pair of those fitted leggings and I'm noodles in bed with my iPad on my lap.

I've been a fan of Athleta's unique prints and beautiful colors that they incorporate into each of their new collections; their latest collection IndiGO! keeps the pavement vibrant and electric with my favorite tones of blue. Their chic gym-to-street wear pieces make everyday outfits an effortless task for an active lifestyle, one that I strive to keep up consistently. But their fashion-forward and performance-inspired designs are versatile and relevant to all kinds of lifestyles, especially for the comfort-inclined. I'm obsessed with the comfort level of not only their sweatpants, but also their breathable leggings and it's a no-brainer what I'm going to wear on the plane to New York and when I'm lounging in my hotel, right before I hit the fitness center (hopefully).

Athleta top and jogger pants.

No matter what lifestyle I pursue, I know Athleta is right there to support me with their high-quality fits, easily findable online and in their brick-and-mortar stores everywhere. I love that they're conveniently in one of my favorite and nearby shopping destinations, Fashion Island, in Newport Beach! If you're looking for the next pair of somethings to live in, head to Athleta and I guarantee your butt will thank you.

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