September 2, 2014

Level 99 Leather

The inevitable, the essential.

Level 99 leather pants. LAMade tank. Out Incorporated sports bra. Electric sunglasses. Nixon watch. Dogeared earrings. JustFab heels.

As a practical girl who buys jeans two sizes up, loves boyfriend jeans, but loves dresses even more, I've been so far removed from the thought of owning a pair of tight, constricting leather pants. And the descriptives tight and constricting come from my own disappointing experiences. 

But Level 99 has completely revolutionized my perspective on leather with their newest French-imported stretch leather jeans. I've always been a fan of their denim because of their dedication to quality and comfortable fits that stretch and move with you, and now they've remarkably integrated all of that into the best leather jeans I've ever worn. These are so comfortable, I wear them all day around the house like any pair of soft leggings. If you feel how soft and supple the leather is, you'd understand how I can't stop running my hands over my legs at any given time of day. You know how you have that go-to pair of jeans always lying on the back of your chair for easy access? These Level 99 leather jeans have stolen the chair-back spotlight for daily wear. I can go on forever about these sexy and leg-slimming jeans, but instead of hearing about it, feel it for yourself from Level 99.


  1. fine look ; -))


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  2. I love this look :)

  3. Love Level 99. I found them this year and when I put on the jeans I about fell over from the softness. The leather pants look amazing on you.

  4. This is a gorgeous look! Love <3

  5. Love these! I've been wary about buying a pair since I heard leather can stretch a lot. How did you find these? Were they true to size?

    Arielle from Tangled Musings

    1. Hi Arielle! Level 99 is a brand I've always loved for their quality fit and stretch for every kind of body. My hips and legs are a bit curvier than the average person, so I'm loyal to brands that focus on comfort. I've tried on a million different leather pants and I've never owned one because I've never found one that was comfortable. Most are either too tight, constricting, or unbreathable. These leather jeans from Level 99 however are extremely soft and comfortable, and they stretch to your exact silhouette, while maintaining its own structure. I've had these for some time now and they're still good as new! Sorry for the long review, but these babies are SO worth the investment for a lifetime leather staple. They are true to size! Thanks for checking this out :)