September 21, 2014

Lounging with CSBLA

Welcome CSBLA to the lounge game. 

long robe, black dress, bralette, and pants from CSBLA

As the gentle, feathery sister to the luxe lingerie brand, Cosabella, new lifestyle brand CSBLA presents ultra-comfortable and contemporary designs for outside the bedroom. When you're feeling too relaxed in just a lacy bra and slip on an easy Sunday morning, you can effortlessly transition into CSBLA's snug black dress that feels so lightweight and soft, you won't believe it's really a sweater dress. Throw on their long, flowy robe and you're ready to stroll for a morning cup of coffee in a sharp ensemble; no one will think twice that these are really your PJs.

CSBLA offers a full range of well-made, versatile pieces for the Sunday loungers and the tranquil travelers, from simple silhouettes made from the softest fabric to edgy sportwear that'll trick anyone into thinking you look this great just getting out of yoga class. When you feel how soft the clothes are against your skin, you won't want to wear anything else. These were my morning outfits while relaxing in our cottage on Martha's Vineyard.