September 16, 2014

New York . 1

The first full day being in New York was needless to say, a whirlwind. 

On me: Shaina Mote white dress via The Dreslyn, Erin Dana belt bag, Kelsi Dagger shoes, Nixon watch, Jewelmint necklace, Warby Parker sunglasses. Nicole Miller strapless dress.
On Kyle: Combatant Gentleman jacket, Kennington shirt, Gap jeans, Nicole Miller bow tie.

Kyle and I had an early morning rendezvous in Tribeca, visiting his team at the Chloe + Isabel headquarters and subsequently hunting for a good coffee and croissant. Spending our first morning together in the city was peaceful and sweet before our chaotic schedules would keep us apart until the evening. The streets were surprisingly calm in this little corner of Manhattan - nothing but the chiming of bike bells, some clatter of the citizens strolling to their morning destination, and a lady exclaiming "congratulations!" to us. How can you blame her when Kyle looks so devilishly handsome in his Combatant Gentleman jacket? Plus it gave me the idea that my favorite dress of all time from Shaina Mote can probably double as my future wedding dress or at least be the inspiration of it.

For the most hectic day of my week, I put my life (at least the basic essentials of it) into my Erin Dana belt bag to keep myself hands-free for the multitude of stuff I'll be collecting through my day in the city. I know, I've done it. It's a fanny pack people. But it's like no other - the "belt bag" is the modern-age, city-dwelling, cosmo-drinking older sister to the fanny pack. This Erin Dana piece, made of fine leather and accented with dashing gold, is more than just a pretty and functional accessory (wouldn't my parents in the '90s say I told you so). It's a liberator and a peace of mind when getting out of taxis, standing in crowded subways, and combing through racks at a Soho sample sale. While it took a little getting used to to stop feeling around for my ghost shoulder bag, Erin Dana helped transition me from the suburbs to the city super easy.

Soon after our breakfast, I taxied my way to Soho to lunch with my girls at Williamson PR and to visit pas de calais' global flagship boutique. The clean construction of the store manifests from the nostalgic and delicate designs of pas de calais, a Japanese-made brand inspired by the romantic region of the same name in France. Their pieces are luxuriously cut from natural fabrics and are filled with life through special dyes and hand-done details. It was a sad affair to miss their Spring 2015 presentation that happened the day before I arrived in New York, but I got to see, touch, and feel the beautiful, indigo-laden collection up close in person. These are some pieces I can't wait to wrap myself in next season.

I had a handful of my most favorite shows I was looking forward to this whole NYFW scheduled late in the day, but it was a hard realization that getting from one end of the island to the other in under an hour during rush hour is an impossibility. It wasn't a far dash to Gwen Stefani's L.A.M.B. presentation, her first return to NYFW in an absence of a couple seasons. The whole show was signature Gwen, just done the way she liked it and the way you'd expect. The models slowly came out to 'Rock Steady' and danced their way into our attention. By the end of the show, my phone is completely dead and hailing a taxi while it's raining is of course the hardest task in the world. Making my way to Midtown to grab my phone charger and heading to Lincoln Center soon after left me time to make the last show on my list, Charlotte Ronson. I always look forward to her presentations because I know these are pieces I can totally find in my wardrobe next season - for Spring 2015, girly blues and romantic boy-inspired cuts were the focal point of her collection.

Kyle and I went back to our homebase at the W New York to pull ourselves together, relax, and change into something more fitting for the Boris Bidjan Saberi Flagship store opening near Greenwich Village.  I finally found a fun night out to wear this Nicole Miller Artelier dress (that's now on sale!) and I love how easy it is to transition the Erin Dana belt bag from a casual day look to a flirty party outfit. The sleek black belt bag really adds the finishing touch and it totally made double fisting champagne glasses way easier. At the opening party, we reunited with our NYFW travel boos, Tommy and Martin. With equally long days under our belts, we sauntered over to our must-stop for any New York visit, Ippudo, for another delicious and gratifying late night ramen dinner.

One day down, two more to go. Check back tomorrow for more New York!


  1. Cute!! Love the outfits

  2. Saint Laurent had an amazing collection! I love your dresses you looked stunning.